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Vista, home of Miss California 2009, Carrie Prejean, is a city known for its beautiful women. In reality, though, many women do not feel beautiful at all. Plastic surgery is allowing us to change that by correcting any issues we have with our bodies. Among women's most hated features are the all-important breasts. Surgeons like Dr. Robert Shumway are able to resize, reshape, and enhance breasts of all shapes and sizes, even those with deformities. This procedure, collectively known as breast augmentation, is becoming more and more popular as women like you seek to achieve their ideal body. Don't get left behind! Sign up to meet with Dr. Shumway to see how he can make you even more beautiful!

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Transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) is an often-misunderstood or misrepresented approach to performing breast augmentation surgry.

"My initial surgical step is to create a 3-cm superior navel incision around this ubiquitous and universal scar," explains Robert A. Shumway, MD FACS, a La Jolla, Calif-based cosmetic surgeon who has performed thousands of TUBA operations.   Read More

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la jolla cosmetic surgery financing We offer the San Diego area several options when financing their cosmetic surgery procedures.